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53-year-old fined for 40 pounds of weed

53-year-old fined for 40 pounds of weed

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Noel Sutherland has two choices: pay a $27,000 fine or go to prison for 18 months.{{more}}

Sutherland, 53, of Owia, appeared at the Serious Offences Court on Wednesday and pleaded guilty to possession of 18,160 grams (40 pounds) of cannabis on November 16 at Owia Mountains and was fined $27,000 to be paid in three months or spend 18 months at Her Majesty’s Prison.

Chief Magistrate Sonya Young ordered Sutherland to pay $5,000 forthwith. The lanky man also pleaded guilty to cultivating 40 cannabis plants and was fined $3,000 in three months or nine months in prison.

Sutherland was jointly charged with Lionel Matthews, 24, of Cedars, Miguel Roberts, 22, Biabou, Qunidel Andrews, 23 and Allister Antoine, both of Trinidad and Tobago. The charges were dismissed against them after they pleaded not guilty to the charges. (KW)