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$5,500 fine for marijuana

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Even though Sherwin Marksman told the court that it was another man who had dropped the bucket filled with over eight pounds of marijuana (3632 grams) in front of him, for which he was arrested, he was still found guilty and fined $5,500 by Chief Magistrate Sonya Young on Wednesday at the Serious Offences Court.{{more}} He was ordered to pay $700 forthwith and the remainder in two months or he will spend three years in prison.

The 22-year-old who gave his occupation as a carpenter, told the court that he was by a river in Green Hill when he saw police chasing another man. Marksman then noted that two of the officers passed him and two others came to where he was and asked where did the man go? The defendant said he told the officers, “Me ain’t day pon dem kinda scene deh.” He added that one of the officers told him that if he did not tell them where the other man went, that he would be arrested.

owever, the prosecution’s case was that on the day in question, Police officers were on mobile patrol in the area when they spotted Marksman by a river running with a white bucket in his hands. A chase ensued and Marksman was caught. The bucket, which was opened in his presence contained plant material resembling cannabis. He was cautioned by the officers and replied, “Officer ah me weed, ah frighten me frighten, mek me run.” (KW)