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Phillips sentenced to three years for manslaughter

Phillips sentenced to three years for manslaughter

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In three years time, Kenneth Phillips will again taste freedom, but in the meantime, Her Majesty’s Prison will be his home.{{more}}

On October 17, 2008, at the High Court, Phillips, 57, of Murray’s Village, was sentenced by Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle to three years imprisonment on a manslaughter charge.

Phillips pleaded guilty to causing the death of his brother Leslie Michael Phillips on September 15, 2007, at Murray’s Village. Leslie Phillips died after being struck on his head with a piece of wood, following an argument with his brother Kenneth.

The court heard that both men had been consuming alcohol that night when the deceased began making remarks to Kenneth about the appearance of his girlfriend and his child. It was said that the deceased referred to Kenneth’s girlfriend as a “Crapo”. Both men left the area, but subsequently returned and the argument resumed. During the argument, Kenneth struck his brother at the back of his head with a 2×2 piece of board.

A social and psychiatric report had been tendered to the court to assist in Phillip’s sentencing. The report stated that Phillips is a good prospect for rehabilitation and that he showed remorse for his actions.(KW)