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Belmont resident jailed for wounding

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Lennox Conliffe of Belmont will spend the next four months at Her Majesty’s Prisons, after he pleaded guilty to wounding Pierre Horne, well-known in the calypso world as ‘Ras Coco’ of ‘Ah kill ah snake’ fame.

According to the facts given by Station Sergeant 185 Nigel Butcher, stationed at the Calliaqua Police Station, the incident took place on April 17, 2005 in Belmont at about 12 p.m., when an argument erupted between Conliffe and Horne. {{more}}

Conliffe then picked up a cutlass belonging to Horne, held on to his dreadlocks and cut them all off. In the process Horne was cut on the skull.

The medical report indicated that Horne sustained a wound more than 10 cm to the right back of his head. Horne was hospitalized for four days at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

According to Station Sergeant Butcher, Conliffe left Horne bleeding on the ground. It was with assistance from the Police officers, that Horne was taken to the Hospital by ambulance.