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‘You N Eye’ brings fresh look to business

‘You N Eye’ brings fresh look to business

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He promises that his new clothing and accessories store “You N Eye Inc.” will be all about giving that professional service to his customers, and from the set up of the establishment, 34-year-old Fitz Roy Glasgow definitely means business.

Glasgow who is originally from South Rivers, moved to Union Island when he was 2 years old. He recalled that his childhood there was a happy one but, searching for greener pastures, his family later moved to the United States when he was a teenager. {{more}}

Glasgow said while he got his degree in Computer Science in the US where he worked as a specialist, his intention was always to return home to do more.

This led him to manage retail stores like the well-known Loemans Department and Federated Stores, which own Macy’s. Like a sponge, Glasgow said that he began to soak up all the dos and don’ts of the retail business and confessed that he would always ask many questions.

He remarked, “If you want to learn and be the best at anything, you’ve got to ask questions. As children we ask so many questions, but as adults we develop a pride which stops us from learning. I never did that, I had a plan.”

Soaking up as much information as possible, Glasgow said with his experience as a financial planner with American Express helping others to set up their own business, he felt like it was his time to do his own thing, hence the birth of “You N Eye Inc.”

He describes his store, located at lower Middle Street as having things that “You and I would wear” hence the name of his company with a play on words.

He said while his store will eventually be unisex, it will for now be catering for women with lingerie, to casual, to work apparel.

Glasgow believes that he has a lot to offer and dreams of expanding to other Caribbean islands, where there will also be a ‘You N Eye” store for children and men.

But like every dream, there will be some stumbling blocks and Glasgow has been trying to cope with the shipment delay of his merchandise. Not one to get deterred easily, the entrepreneur is anxious to open his store and in the meantime has been fine-tuning other aspects of his business.

Glasgow admits that while he has been in contact with many other businesses in the country, he has not been impressed with the service.

He explained: “This is terribly lacking in the country. While we will be building an international airport and having nice buildings erected, we as a people need to check our service industry skills. When you walk into buildings people don’t greet you; they feel like they are doing you a favour. Not many people tell you have a nice day. So having the right type of employees to reflect the business is also important.”

He went on: “I’ve noticed that customers are never given the same comfort that many of the managers enjoy in their offices, but I intend to change all that. When people come to spend their money, they must feel that it was worth it and feel pampered while doing so.”

Proving that his talk is not cheap, the young businessman has set up a lounge area so that tired or elderly persons could rest while shopping.

Glasgow also included a rest room for his customers and larger than usual changing rooms catering for people who like to have someone else inside the dressing room to give advice about an outfit, and also for plus size ladies. Full length mirrors and good lighting were also features that Glasgow knew that he should invest in.

The businessman believes that he has the natural ability to dress people and said clothes can make people confident and he hopes to give that confidence to his customersn