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Temptations of the heart – Part II

Temptations of the heart – Part II

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Georgie had me like Bob Marley waiting in vain for her love! The one day I decided to wait for madam, is the one day she didn’t pass. You know I was vex! All day I was preparing for the moment.

I got a haircut, not really for Georgie, but a man should look his best. I washed and ironed my one Sean John T-shirt and borrowed the NIKE that my cousin’s father sent him from the States. When all of that was done, I went to the clinic to get some “rubbers.” {{more}}They gave me a handful of the famous CHOICE condoms. The fellas on the block said that the CHOICE brand is the worst set of “shields” on the market because they burst easily. But I know better than that. Brand name or not once you check the expiry date, roll it on properly and squeeze out the air at the top, it can’t burst. Besides, Condom is Condom! All of them go on the same way to do the same thing – just that some of them have different packages, fancy names and high prices.

Now don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t mind pulling out a Rough Rider to impress Georgie, but I was financially embarrassed! Two years out of College and still no job. I sent out about one hundred applications and still nothing! It was Mr. James who would call me every once in a while for a construction work but things were bad… and I couldn’t depend on my aunt because she had children to send to school. Things were only bad for now anyway, but just like Georgie, I had big plans for my future.

Well, I should have known better too. It was a Saturday night and it was foolish to even think that she would pass this way. Georgie was either working or looking for work. Pity she didn’t know that work was waiting for her!

I didn’t want the fellas to get suspicious – cause I was all dressed up and not going anywhere. To save face, I went with them up town to hang out. I didn’t hang out much with the fellas because that called for money – money I didn’t have. But like I said, I was saving face.

There was a swinging street party up the road. I had $51.45 cents in my name. All of the fellas were drinking and cracking jokes about everything and everybody. For fear of them calling me cheap, I decided to buy a beer for $4 and spend the whole night drinking it. I might as well, George was a no-show.

Time proved me wrong. About fifteen minutes after I bought the beer, who did I see? This was just great! Only $2.55 cents short! Oh life! The beer turned even more sour in my mouth.

She pulled up on a brand new Motor Bike, in a piece of pom pom shorts for everybody to see. Her protruding rare end was curved upwards in the breeze and the cowboy boots gave her a sexy-freaky look. Georgie was on every man’s mind, especially mine! That didn’t last too long anyway, cause it was no other than bad man Sonny driving the Bike. She was like his shadow following him everywhere. Not that it mattered to me anyway, after seeing the way Georgie behaved tonight, maybe this was not such a good idea. Besides, I wasn’t her type. My mind was just telling me to forget that, but my pride won’t let it go. By the way, where was Georgie?

At about 2:00 a.m., I was heading home. No use sticking around because all of my money was done! I lived in town, and although my house was not close I could get there on foot

Read Part 3 Next week.

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