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Presented by the HIVAIDS Unit, Ministry of Health and the Environment

Part 1

At first it was the walk that got me. Georgie was a down town girl, with a down town attitude, but uptown dreams. At 16 she looked ripe for the taking. She was not drop-dead gorgeous, but her body compensated for that. She was a resourceful girl and she used her resources well. Her uniform was a $10 top, an XXXtra short jeans skirt that cost $15 and a pair of high heelsshe got on sale for $20. {{more}}

Although Georgie’s material possessions only came up to about $45, the price of your fantasies started at $50. It was the middle of the month, so $50 was a bit steep for me, but man, she looked good from behind! And that walk…

Georgie had good previews, and although she preferred the middle and upper classes, she did not discriminate. Lucky for me, ’cause the only thing standing between ecstasy and me was $50. And I started saving already! It didn’t matter that we came from the same neighbourhood. Business was business.

Knight in shining armour

People say that she was waiting for a knight in shining armour to take her away for good, but those who came in their Pathfinders, Rav4s, Escudos and Ninja bikes always brought her back. It didn’t matter anyway; she was having fun. She felt important and appreciated. You could even see it in that walk…

Carnival was her best time of year. Money, Money, Money, Money!!! She was convinced that 2002 was her year; this was the year to move up and out- up in life and out of the ghetto… come high hell or low water!

Georgie was ambitious. No matter who you were, or where you came from, you had to give her that. She worked long, not to mention flexible hours in or outside of the major nightclubs on weekends. By now, everybody knew Georgie, but lately she had to drop her price because business was bad. Too bad I missed the discounts…

Anyway, it was carnival, more people, more demand, and most importantly more money- 2002 would definitely be a year to remember! And she was absolutely right!

She took a loan from bad man Sonny. After all she had to look the part! Well, some say it wasn’t really a loan, but anyhow, you know how that is. The important thing was that the extra money did her well. She invested it all in herself. And Goodness Gracious! You should see her after! Like a Ghetto Princess just back from New York. Bling, Bling!

She had the whole town talking

Georgie always had a way of getting people’s attention, and now she had the whole town talking about her new and “refined” look. She dressed to impress! And if what you see was what you get, then it was worth the $50. Trust me!

By then I had the money, but not the courage to ask. I mean Georgie had a lot of experience and could intimidate the average man. Besides, this was pretty new to me and what the hell was I going to say?

“Hello Georgie, would you like to do it…?” – I sound like an idiot!

“Georgie, I’ve been looking at you for a long time…” – No, No, No.

Try a little respect I thought…

“Georgie, would you like to go for a drink?” – Absolutely not! I couldn’t afford them both.

Girls like bad boy talk…

“Georgie, if you got the time, I got the money.”

That was my line. And she would get it this evening when she passed my house.

Georgie, meet Terry…

• Continued next week