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Ultimate Job Hunting Secrets

Ultimate Job Hunting Secrets

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“Essential tips, tricks and tactics for today’s job seekers”

So you have now completed school and are ready to venture out in the world of work. As you begin your job search, here are a few helpful tips to prepare you for the first step in this new era of your life.

The Application & Resumé

When looking for a job, do not underestimate the importance of your application and resume’. After all it is these documents that first represent you to the company and that very important person who decides which candidates will be selected to be interviewed for the available position. Therefore, this makes the appearance of your application and resume’ vitally important. They must be clean, neat and well displayed.{{more}}

Always ensure that you present your information in a way that is easy to find. Checks should also be done for spelling and grammatical errors. Wrong and/or omission of information, such as your telephone number could bring a screeching halt to your job search. So before you send out your application and resume’ check them carefully for mistakes and how they look. You should only send hand-written applications if the company to which you are applying specifically request that application should be in your own handwriting.

You don’t want to take the chance and miss the opportunity for a job that you really want because you did not take the time to be careful about how you look on paper.

The Interview

You have done all the right things so far and have been selected for the interview. Most often the prospective employer will give you enough time to prepare yourself for this most important day. You should use this time to organize yourself and be well prepared as this will be the defining time of your job search.

Take with you to the interview all important documents (examination certificates, police record, birth certificate etc) that will most likely be required by the employer. Always take the originals, even though you are taking photocopies. It will also be very helpful, if you do some research on the company for which you are hoping to be employed, as quite often employers are keen to know that you have a basic knowledge of the company and its operations or products.

Never before was the saying “Dress your best” applicable such as now. It is always best that you are over dressed rather than fall short of the expectations of your interviewer. First impressions are the ones that count, so use the opportunity to make a lasting professional and confident impression.

Finally, and most importantly, be punctual. The job is now within your grasp, reach out and cease the opportunity.

As I end this article, my final word of advice to you is, not to be disheartened if the results of your interview did not turn out to be what you were expecting. Maybe all you need to do is to critique your own performance at the interview and see where you went wrong, work on it and keep trying, this will help to sharpen your

interviewing skills and who knows, maybe the next time around you will exceed your own expectations.I wish you a very successful job hunt.