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Evelyn Bailey

Evelyn Bailey

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It takes just one meeting with Evelyn to know that she is the right person for the Executive Secretary job at St. Vincent Brewery Limited.

A broad smile, twinkling eyes, bubbly personality and genuine happiness of who she is and what she does, but very firm and resolute – that’s Evelyn Bailey. A native of Riley in the Mesopotamia Valley, Evelyn received her early education at the Emmanuel High School and then at the St. Caroline Business College International where she graduated magna cum laude. Evelyn then went on and graduated from the University of the West Indies in the Administrative (Professional) Secretaries program.{{more}}

“Before I started working at St. Vincent Brewery Limited, I was working with the Government in the Central Planning Unit Department and had great plans to move on to the Ministry of Agriculture. However, the private sector has always appealed to me because it demanded dedicated, competitive and entrepreneurial people. In fact, this is one of the reasons that I chose to work for this company when the opportunity arose. It’s pretty amazing to think that, even as 20 years have passed, I am still highly motivated and I’m continually surprised by the fact that I can accomplish my career goals here at the Brewery and have fun in the process.”

“Every day at St. Vincent Brewery Limited is extremely enjoyable. I have a passion for quality work and I take great pride in my job. My job is an important one. I work closely with the General Manager and manage his office. The job provides me with the opportunity to interact with all sorts of people from different backgrounds and cultures.

It is this interaction that generates the high level of respect that I have for people throughout the

organization and it translates to the prudent

support and assistance that I deliver to the General Manager and the management team.”

“For 20 years now, I’ve grown both personally and professionally by working alongside some of the most talented and enthusiastic people I have ever met. Just to watch these people work everyday to keep this company ahead of the curve provides me with so much inspiration that it makes me feel confident that St. Vincent Brewery Limited is committed to excellence.”

“I like living at Prospect because it’s a relatively quiet and laid back community. I really love the area and it’s a perfect place for me, my husband, and my daughter. The neighbors are extremely friendly and I enjoy just relaxing and listening to the sounds of nature. Most of all I like my home. It has a breathtaking view of the Grenadines. On a clear day I can see as far south as Union Island, it is absolutely spectacular.”

“The same values that drive us in the marketplace play into my commitment to community service, as well. A family that prays together stays together, so I got married at the Catholic Church and I have been worshipping there ever since.

I am also involved with the “Couples for Christ” group which deals with counseling families, enriching family life and going house to house praising God. In my free time I enjoy reading, entertaining friends and listening to music.”