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Regisford wants radiology programme for Caribbean

Regisford wants radiology programme for Caribbean

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Dr. Fitzallan Regisford, a veteran radiographer living in the United Kingdom, is considering establishing a tele-radiology/telemedicine programme in the Caribbean. He sees the potential for this in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

The Vincentian-born has done extensive work in radiography in the United Kingdom, Central and South Africa and in Kuwait, where he initiated a Bachelor of Science training programme for radiographers. Nearer to home, he has also worked in Trinidad and Tobago.

Home on vacation for a family reunion, Dr. Regisford, who left St. Vincent and the Grenadines for the United Kingdom during the late 1950s after attending the Biabou Methodist School and the Boys’ Grammar School, said he sees the potential for this programme because of the shortage of radiologists; while at the same time there is the vast improvement in telecommunications and the internet.

Dr. Regisford, the first child of the late David and Myrtle Regisford of Biabou, and father of Anthony Regisford, V.P. of Sales and Marketing, Cable and Wireless, said Vincentians and other Caribbean nationals stand to benefit from this project. He sees the move as one that will link the various Caribbean islands.

Giving an insight into his extensive journeys, Dr. Regisford said he had the opportunity to serve in the Royal Air Force for three years before embarking on a diploma training programme in radiography at the College of Radiography in 1965. Following his initial training, he did some more training and was successful in getting a higher diploma by 1970. In his pursuit for more qualifications he pursued a Teachers Diploma, an MA in Education followed by a PhD in Education.

Dr. Regisford recalled one of his memorable achievements while in Zambia as a consultant. He said when he got there, there were no locally trained radiographers. He then developed and implemented a training programme for radiographers, which was recognized internationally.

“One satisfying aspect is that, when I started, there were no trained radiographers. On leaving, the main hospitals in the country were staffed with locally trained Zambian radiographers. About 90 percent were Zambian; I was able to fill a big void,” said Dr. Regisford.

In 1998 Dr. Regisford went on a private mission to develop and implement a pilot project in telemedicine for the whole of South Africa. He left South Africa in 2002 and now works out of his base in Oxford, England.