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Through the eyes of Henri Vigana

Through the eyes of Henri Vigana

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His work is simple, yet majestic. But television journalist/film director Henri Vigana regards his photography not as an exotic, but rather the promotion of a cultural heritage.

The work of the Martiniquan-born photographer is currently being displayed at the Alliance Franchise and Heritage Hall in the old public library building in Kingtown in an exhibition that ends today. {{more}}

Last Friday evening BuzZ Magazine entered the world of Vigana’s camera lens, viewing magnificent pieces of colours, which naturally brought the many images displayed in the historic hall to life.

His portraits, bona fide displays of a traditional fish-farming culture fused with the fascinating colours of the natural Caribbean seaside landscape, simply blends to give shape to an artistic appeal for the old Caribbean practice.

Vigana’s search for the simplistic and natural scene is evident in his photography; his work not too dynamic though capturing the unique sequence of everyday Caribbean fishing life.

And as modest his work appears to be, so is the man behind the lens.

“I don’t see myself as a photographer … I don’t sell photos,” Vigana said.

His work was showcased and hung on walls in Italy, Canada, nearby Dominica and St. Kitts, and though his accomplishments stretch across the world, he hardly takes credit for his masterpieces; instead he leaves that up to the original creator, Mother Nature.

“Photography is my pencil … some people write, others paint, but I use photography to express my vision of life,” he stated.

Curtains fold on Vigana’s exhibition this evening… You still have some time to indulge in the artistic manifestation. We guarantee an experience of a lifetime.