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Sunsail’s employee savours the experience

Sunsail’s employee savours the experience

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Working on the dock of a successful sailing and watersports vacation company can be a very hectic affair, but for Sunsail’s Dock Supervisor Desmond Browne it is an enthralling experience which he savours.

Browne, who resides on the coastal village of Villa, considers himself a people person- a characteristic trait which enables him to relate and render service to foreign nationals and customers of varied cultural orientations. {{more}}

“This is the best place to work, man- right on the south coast. It’s real nice. You meet a lot of foreign people from different countries. Most of the charters that come here are from Europe, and you meet nice people. We exchange ideas and so on, you know. Some of them have boats back home and they would say their boat is not in the good condition like how we keep our boats on this island. So, we do a very good job”, Browne stated Tuesday in an exclusive interview with Searchlight.

Asked about his experience working with the international charter company, Browne said he adores interacting with customers as he is able to exchange ideas and learn about their culture. He also said he enjoys the trips and the knowledge he acquires about the boats which can be of tremendous importance in time of difficulty at sea.

Browne said customer service and satisfaction are key elements of Sunsail’s continued success.

“I operate the fuel pumps and make sure that the private yachts that come in get their supplies as well as water, food whatever. So, we make sure they are happy. Sometimes they want to stay two or three nights and we make sure they are okay. Also they may want electricity, we make sure that they have electricity- make sure they are happy, make them feel at home”, Browne said. He added that customers would express their joy after quietly sailing the pristine waters of the Grenadines and neighbouring territories.

Browne, who previously worked with Caribbean Sailing Yacht (CSY), has been working with Sunsail for six years.

Artist commends Sunsail’s vision

Secretary of the local Visual Arts Society, Cecile Comblen has expressed deep appreciation for Sunsail’s vision of assisting the development and promotion of art in this country through its art gallery.

In an exclusive interview with Searchlight on Tuesday, Comblen, a qualified artist, stated, “It’s very good. It’s very good. We definitely need a lot more exposure so people know first of all that visual arts are part of culture and are to be seen. People cannot eventually buy art if they don’t see it. You have to be exposed”.

Comblen said as secretary of the Visual Arts Society the idea was put to her and she informed other artists. She said, however she believes there still needs to be a more proactive approach to the development of art here.

Meanwhile, Comblen has expressed the view that the Ministry of Culture needs to take a more serious approach to developing art.

“I think art is very important. It seems in this society that if you are gifted, you must be academic. Gifted children will do well, but art is not considered for a gifted person. It’s like if you cannot succeed at something else. And it is now understood that it contributes to enrich society. And I think the Ministry of Culture has to take arts much more seriously, actively encourage it and provide definite support- not just technical, but definite support, material support for the opening of an art place which is at least a part of the visual arts gallery”.

She questioned how could art thrive in a country that has two or three oil paintings displayed in a restaurant or boutique.

Comblen grew up in Belgium and later settled in Canada. She first studied art at the Ottawa School of Art and then at the University of Ottawa where she graduated with an Honours Degree in Fine Arts in 1993. A mother of three sons who spice up her art life, she works full-time as an artist and exhibits both in Canada and in St. Vincent and the Grenadines where she now resides.