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Sunsail offering lunch specials

Sunsail offering lunch specials

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“I want to give this whole place a touch of Caribbean”.

That’s how Sunsail’s new manager, Joachim Fritz summed up his intentions for the St. Vincent and the Grenadines base of the international yacht charter company. {{more}}

In an exclusive interview with Searchlight Tuesday afternoon, Fritz, a German national, praised St. Vincent and the Grenadines for maintaining its natural beauty. He said that his company is placing emphasis on utilising and promoting local products. He pointed out that his company has set up a local art gallery for local artists and that his company will be utilising local produce for their cuisine.

The new manager emphasised that staff training would be the company’s focus in its new thrust. The company generally employs 45 persons. Among them is the youthful but experienced chef, twenty eight year old Valen Douglas of Richland Park who worked with the company for the past seven years. Unfortunately, he is soon to move on to work with the Mustique Company.

Fritz said that he would be encouraging local patronage, which will be reflected in the service and prices. He explained that local three-course lunch specials will be offered daily at a price of EC$28. He also said that Saturday would be the creole day where patrons could get conch souse, goat water, breadfruit and saltfish etc, for only EC$10.

Fritz expressed his adoration for this country as one of the best unspoiled destinations in the Caribbean, a factor which contributes to the company’s success here. He disclosed that the local base has realised about thirty percent increase in business over the past five months and that it has been doing the best of the Caribbean bases.

Asked how the plural nature of the country impacted on his yacht charters, Fritz said it impacted positively because visitors have more beautiful islands to visit without paying extra yacht fees. He explained that because of the beauty of the Grenadine islands more people have been coming to this destination.

Asked about the local operation’s target market, Fritz said the biggest market is in the United Kingdom, followed by North America.

Asked about his expectations of the upcoming tourist season, the Sunsail manager said he anticipates a very good season, especially in light of the unfortunate devastation of Grenada by Hurricane Ivan. He said that a number of persons who planned visits to Grenada will be seeking an alternative. He further said that he has already begun to receive bookings.