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Eye Rotations

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Hello Readers,

Did you enjoy last week’s eye exercise with the accommodative rock? If you did, then you will also enjoy this one. This one is called rotations. Rotations increase the eyes’ ability to track objects and pay attention to a specific activity. When the eye movements are smooth they are very beneficial for good vision.{{more}}

What you are going to need here is an empty pan and a small marble for this technique. So this is how you do the rotations.

(1) You put the marble in the pan and hold the pan about 16 inches from your eyes.

2) Tilt the pan so that the marble rolls around the edges at a steady pace. What you have to do here is follow the marble with your eyes only but don’t move your head at all.

(3) Repeat that same step where you move it around, rolling the marble around the edge of the pan but this time in the opposite direction.

Do this technique for two minutes in each direction… once a day. If you go in the same direction for more than 2 minutes you could become dizzy, so make sure you change directions. If possible have a friend watch your eyes to see how smoothly they move.

This is a fun exercise and it does help to strengthen the focus a little bit. Of course this does not replace the need for glasses but it is fun to do and can tone some of the muscles in the eyes. Have a good weekend.

Dr Kenneth Onu is a resident Consultant Ophthalmologist at the Beachmont Eye Institute/Eyes R Us.

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