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The Accomodative Rock

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Dear Reader, if you are having problems changing focus and seeing clearly at near and at distance, then you may be suffering from some form of an accommodation problem.{{more}} Accommodation is the process by which the lenses of the eyes change their focus to make an image clear. It is the most important and most performed activity of the eyes. As you may know, the lenses’ ability to change focus decreases with age, so that at about age 40, one may need to use reading glasses. It is possible to at least try to strengthen the focusing ability for longer periods with techniques such as the Accommodative Rock.

To do the Accommodative Rock:

(1) Get some large letters and fasten these large letters to a wall and stand back about 20 feet. If necessary, put on glasses so that you can see the letters clearly.

2) Take a book with small print, and hold it in one hand.

(3) Occlude one of your eyes, that is cover one of your eyes with your free hand while keeping the eye itself open and bring the small print as close to your face as you can while still being able to see it clearly and then stop.

(4) Look in the distance at the large letters on the wall again. Are they clear?

(5) Continue to hold the small print at the same distance, look at it again. Is itclear?

Repeat the steps again for a few minutes until you can see both the distance and the near letters easily. The accommodation should not take long, usually about a second. Now try the technique with the other eye and also repeat it with the small letters held one inch closer.

If you do this technique for five minutes at least twice per day, you should in one way or another strengthen your accommodation. You should finish both sessions before the evening tiredness sets in, and you can also try the technique throughout the day. You can also try it with a wall clock and your wrist watch. Looking first at the wall clock and then look at your wrist watch. Try it out and send your comments to me at my email address. Have a wonderful weekend!

Dr Kenneth Onu is a resident Consultant Ophthalmologist at the Beachmont Eye Institute/Eyes R Us.

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