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This plague has denigrated our world,
To a blackened state of dysphoria.
A cloud of depression has settled
Over our land, dampening our spirits.
We have become weary and worn,
By the stench of death in every crevice.
Our despair is eminent as our souls cry out
For respite from the mental torture and fear.
Fear hat our friends and loved ones
May disappear into the abyss of utter darkness.
As we look around our neighborhoods,
The deafening silence is very apparent.
Buildings that once emanated life and stupor,
Have become a vacuum of stark nothingness.
Our headspace is now filled with rabid thoughts,
As this wretched monster mutate and strengthen,
Taking more of us along its path of destruction.
The weaker you are, the easier it is for you to succumb,
To its thirst for bodies and hapless souls.
Immunity is the only strength and shield,
To save ourselves from its iron jaws.
This beast of a disease has wreaked havoc
On the routine flow of our daily lives.
It has control over every tenet of our sanctity.
Its aim is to take as many with it
To the bottomless pit of destruction.
It messes with our sanity and proprietary functions.
It controls how we ought to lead our lives,
From our hygiene, to our social distance from each other.
It spurns our ability to show affection and to mingle.
Our cry for help fades into the darkened alleys,
That was full of life, faith, hope and trust.
Then heralds the cure of a lifetime!!!!!
That rendered this irritant into a spiteful raging beast.
As it mutates again to defend its grip on power.
And here we are, squeezed in its deadly tentacles,
With no answer in sight, no clarity, no silver lining,
Just fatigue from the continuous defeat,
To put this evil monster to its death bed,
So that we can soar in the path of light again.

l Melanie K. Bynoe is a Vincentian working with the Department of Education in New York tracking Covid-19 in public schools. Before migrating, she worked as a teacher in St Vincent and the Grenadines.