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Christmas is in the air

Christmas is in the air

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It can be seen in the abundance of sorrel on the market and the colourful lights on display at some businesses and homes. It can be heard in the carols and parang being played on local radio and it most certainly can be felt in the cool, night air.

The Christmas season is here.

Coming off the General Elections of November 5, many are eager to leave behind a season synonymous with strong political tribalism, and move on to a more cheerful, festive period.

Many may be looking forward to St Vincent and the Grenadines’ unique festival, Nine Mornings, to usher in the Christmas feeling that can be found in abundance in the early morning, playful competitions and performances.

Commerce for small and large businesses is sure to see an increase as persons engage in buying items that they deem necessary for the season.

Local promoters have long begun advertising end-of-year events, as an opportunity to unwind after a difficult year marred by economic, emotional and health (both mental and physical) struggles. These events will no doubt be attended by many partygoers longing for an experience to fete after cancelled shindigs and Vincy mas in the earlier part of 2020 due to COVID-19.

For persons who prefer a more private experience, family and friends may host intimate get togethers.

Whatever one chooses to partake in, it is important to remember that what we have and are experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic will not automatically end when the year does.

So, while we are moved to support local and be merry, we must also remember to do so responsibly. This means that COVID-19 protocols as outlined by health authorities should continue to be observed.

Being responsible also means no drinking and driving or being reckless on the road.

Above all, we should remember that however we choose to usher in and celebrate the season, Jesus is the ultimate reason.