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A time of refreshing and renewal

A time of refreshing and renewal

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Later today, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves will reveal the composition of his new Cabinet of Ministers; the people who will direct government policy in this new dispensation. There is always much curiosity surrounding events such as this, even in the case of a Government that has gone through similar exercises on at least four occasions in the past.

Through the naming of his Cabinet, the Prime Minister is hitting the reset button in the hope that there will be a refreshing, renewal and energizing throughout the public service and in all state owned corporations and bodies.

Gonsalves’ announcement on Saturday that he will do the needful to ensure that public servants who resigned their jobs to contest general elections from 2010 onwards will be re-hired, if they so desire, is very good news and hopefully a sign of a new posture from him and the ULP administration during this term. Since 2010, he has stubbornly ignored the calls of public sector unions, social commentators and the media, including SEARCHLIGHT for him to do right by the teachers! A close shave with losing an election can do wonders in getting politicians to listen.

After almost 20 years of a ULP administration, the change energy in the country was strong (though not strong enough to change the Government), and this was reflected in what electors did at the polls. The response by the Prime Minister, as articulated at the ULP victory rally last Friday evening was encouraging. Long may this new, accommodating, inclusive posture continue.

But the refreshing, renewal and re-energizing must not stop at the level of the Cabinet. Things must be done differently throughout the government ministries and state owned corporations, and for this to happen, the reorganization will have to be widespread and thorough if it is to be meaningful.

Again, our sincere congratulations to the ULP on being voted into office for a fifth consecutive term. May the policies and programmes rolled out during this term work for the benefit of all Vincentians.