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Joshua and Mc Intosh to protest

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Ah was telling my girl Lie-Z dat if some of our illustrious citizens, all potential candidates for Nah-shun-all Hero, now deceased, were to hear how corrupt-thieve power is literally destroying de Moral Fibre of Vin-sin-shun society, dey would be so angry dat dey would “roll over in dey grave.”

Was only den she told me dat since de La Soufrere Erupt-shun, de Zoom providers got permission to install Zoom in Heaven and Hell, so dat all our former leaders of pleasant memories, way ever dey are, (now not all ah dem gone or going Heaven) can link up and see way going on. But is with agony despair dey forcing to watch way going on. She say she eaves-dropped on ah Zoom conversation around ah Square Table, sitting at de north side was George A Mc Intosh aka Daddy Mac, founder of the St. Vincent Representative Government Association, an organization that struggled for the reintroduction of elected representation in the legislature and politics of SVG. On the Eastern side was E.T. Joshua aka Pappy Josh, SVG’s first Chief Minister who defended the rights of the poor Working-class Vincentians, and spoke out against outside and colonial rule. Seated at de South was Robert Milton Cato, SVG’S first Prime Minister, referred to as de founding father of de Nay-shun. And on de West sat our first Black Vincent-shun G.G, Sir Rupert John, founder of de original Labour Party. Lie-Za said dey were “Pee-eye-double ‘S’ toff” over de contemptuous letter dat Senator Morgan wrote applying for one month leave of absence from de Par-liar-mint. De lines in de letter dat hit de fan was, and I quote: “While there is no legal or moral obligation for me to take such leave, I chose to do so voluntarily because I do not wish….”   Daddy Mac and Pappy Josh, shook dey head left to right as though dey listening to Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” Cato huffed and puffed, but de ever calm and collective Sir Rupert kept his cool, while Josh an Mac posed ah few questions to Lie-Za: (i) “ Pappy Josh: “ Lie-Za please tell me who is dis disrespectful young woman?”

Lie-Za: “ Pappy no disrespect, but ask Ralph.”

(ii) Daddy Mack: “So which constituency does she represent?”

Lie-Za: “ Sir, ask Ralph!”

(iii) Pappy Josh “Is she an executive member of a Youth Arm or Women’s League?”

Lie-Za: “Even stalwarts in de Party asking dat same question, so yuh really have to ask Ralph.”

(iv) Daddy Mack: “ From whence has she suddenly appeared?”

Lie-Za: “Again, you ask Ralph!”

(v) Pappy Josh: “Has she ever graced de Pull-it-to-kill Calm-Pain rostrum?

“ Lie-Za: “ Pappy, nobody seems to know way she come out, so ask Ralph.”

(vi) Daddy Mack: “How did she ever get into Par-liar-mint, does she not know dat Morality is about Right and Wrong, Truth and Lies, and transcends beyond Legality and cannot be changed”?

Lie-Za: “ Sir, de Prime Minister was de first person who said on his Sunday “Yes Mr Prime Minster” Radio Program, dat Senator Morgan has no Legal or Moral obligation to step aside.” Same time Pappy Josh said to Daddy Mac: “ George is time foh us to mek ah return trip on Choose-dey to lend support to de people who are going to stand up in defence of Peace, Justice, Law and Order! And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy!

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.