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When De-mock-racy tun De-mockery-see

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Lard de more ting change is de more it remain right so. Exactly twenty years ago, ah tek me fronting self say ah protesting wid “de ODD Thing” ah-crow-name foh Organ-I-say-shun in De-fence of De-moc-racy. It was really an ODD Thing in truth: Doctors, Lawyers; God fearing Pentecostal Pastors; Trade Union Leaders, Public Servants and guess who? an aspiring Prime Minister in desperate pursuit. We all know de rest is His-story, Dem-act-crazy and Democracy turn De-mockry-see now, De-muck-we-see. So come Choose-dey Major Leacock, de Vice president of de NDP, supported by another group RHR ah-crow-name foh “Rise High-Rhona” will lure ah sleeping society to come out in support of Justice in SVG, and start dis protest thing all over again.

According to Lie-Za, dis Side Show as de PM does say, began when three persons, two Lawyers, one ah female and ah civilian, went into ah man yard. De man ended up wid ah bullet in his foot; if she lie, she lie after de Pry-minister also head ah Security, who said dat de female called him first, and his add-vice to her was to report de matter to de Police. De story to date is dat after ten weeks and three visits to de man’s house by Police investigators, dey still looking foh dah single piece of evidence. Dey found no gun, dey found no bullet or no Shell from de bullet, dey know de man got de bullet lodged and hiding in his foot; so Lie-Za’s opinion is dat de whole case rests on de Gun, de Bullet or Ah-Shell. .

Dis Side Show is heading foh Broadway. Lie-Za recalls at de 2020 ULP Con-vent-shun, de PM boasted his fantastic record: “I have never had, on one single occasion, a Cabinet member resigning from the government because they have differences with the government.” he said. Not good at all foh ah man who takes pride in his statistic. So ah worry foh Miss Morgan, because she is no Ivy Joshua, or Yvonne Francis-Gibson, or Rene Baptiste or Stephanie Browne, illustrious Women in Vincy Politics. Am afraid dat statistically Miss Morgan’s pull-it-to-kill career is being seriously challenged.

But ah man must believe in Sum-thing or get fallen foh NE-thing. Come Choose-dey ah have to Stand-up foh two people. The First is Justice foh de Gun-shot victim Mr John, ah firm believer in Christ; he claimed he was bullied, beaten and shot in front his home.

The second is “ to Stand-up and Save Miss Morgan.” Ah have ah daughter Miss Morgan’s age, both have struggled to become Lawyers at ah tender age, and ah want to plead de Precious, Saving Blood of Jesus on both ah dem. But somebody, ah mother, ah father, even ah uncle, must step in on her behalf, and spare dis country of possibly another Yuh-gee Fah-real. Ah was not looking foh dis kind ah “Hell” from Ash-Hell, now she is Ah-Shell of my great expectation of her becoming ah QC, AG, DPP or Chief Justice. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.