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Body confusion!

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I am reminded of ah Kaiso “Body Confusion” written by Tanny Peters and sang by de Mighty Professor. De song-writer speaks about ah confusion among de parts of de body. Each body part felt it was more important dan de others. Brains was first to lay his claim stating his mere location at de top, suggests that he controls all functions of the body, interprets information from the others, assemblies it all in the mind and soul to create Intelligence, creativity, emotion, and memory. Literally speaking “I run tings!” said Brains. Hands and Feet begged to be omitted from de de-bait, because no part could go any-way wid-out involving dem. Eyes was quick to reply to Brains. “Mr Brains from whom do yuh collect your info to function? Eye & Eye have it! Eye does see all de crookedness going on first hand in Society.”

Ears also challenged Brains and Eyes saying, is lots ah lickle secrets coming thru de phone, dat neither Eyes nor Nose could see or hear. And is only me Ears could pick-up.

It was Nose’s turn: “Is me, when Ears doh hear and Eyes doh see, who was first to inhale de smell of corrupt-shun. Is me who does sniff an sneeze when something smelling fishy bout dat PRYME project and COVID-19 in SVG.

Mouth took de floor and ask “When Eyes see, Ears hear and Nose smell, tell me who does have to talk and report everything including taste. Heart who was dying to come-in told dem: “Is only me who does make alyo feel ‘Love is in the air’. Ah could shut all ah you down any time, any way… When all-yo tired and sleeping, I does still be going 24-7 at ah rate of 60 to 100 beats ah minute, and if ah only stop ah second to catch me breath, all-yo cry out foh Heart Attack.” Belly who is always close to Heart said it was his time to speak: “All-yo only talking ah lot ah Pha…rrt and Shh—ite and sending dem down foh me to store up; from now on, ah not holding anything in store fee anybody!”

Dey argued till late night until Anus, de hidden and insignificant Body Part, said his piece: “Enough is enough! I want to inform you Mr. Most Smart Brains and all wid Eyes to See, Nose to Smell, Mouth to Talk and Ears to Hear what I have to say. Ah want Belly to also know dat de facility thru which he was allowed to empty his waste is no more. My Anus is now closed! Sealed off! Lock-Down!” Is just so Confusion began.

On ah serious note de country is having its own Body Confusion. Every institution is pushing its case. Front-line workers must be commended foh dey commitment to de people of SVG. We never give full credit to our Farmers and Fisher-folks.

Vendors in particular are being persecuted foh trying to mek an honest dollar, we running dem off de side-walks. And de list goes on and on.

Ah doh know which Body Part de Mini Bus Drivers represent. Is it Brains or lack thereof, Heart or Heartless? Is it de Stomake way dey have had to put up wid ah lot ah Fee-Seers? Lie-Za say de manner in which de Mini Bus Drivers Close-off de Traffic and leave commuters and customers stranded dey have more Bat-T dan de Anus! No offense Mini Bus Drivers. Dey however presented ah seven point demand and got one, but Lie-Za say doh get too involved wid de Come-Red and his Mini Bus Drivers. Come next elect-shun dey will be like Love & Marriage again.

In de meantime let us fight dis Pandemic on all fronts, COVID-19 is likely to be here long after our neigh-bars are up and going. Let us do our part individually and collectively, widout anyBody Confusion.

And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy..

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.