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Dr Friday reach round

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Ah very interesting Article dis week in I-Witness News entitled: “Having lost the Popular Votes Gonsalves sings a different song!” Back in 1998 we had de “First-past-de Post” system, NDP had won de elect-shun 8-7, but ULP had won de popular Votes.

Back den Gonsalves was deputy leader of de Awe-position ULP and dis is what I-Witness quotes him as saying about de System: “The NDP’s slender one-seat majority may, in a narrow legal sense, be legal but it lacks popular legitimacy and moral authority.” Fast forward to now, exactly 22 quick years after de 1998 confusion; dis time around, de shoes is on de ULP’s feet winning 9 of de 15 seats, and NDP holding on to de popular votes De same “First-past-de-Post” system still stands, de only change is Gonsalves statement. Remember Ole people saying is sound: “What Goes Around, Comes Around” and Lie-Za say dat in less dan five years, NDP led by Dr Friday wid his Calm, Cool, Collective and Calculative Style “ Reach Round.”

Actually 2020 Elect-shuns was decided on 63 Votes, one (1) Vote in North Leeward and 62 Votes in North Windward dat went to de ULP. De PM who still claiming he is “Hard-fee-dead” pull-it-to-kill-he, is now sounding like ah Pull-it-tek-ill die-in man, seeking forgiveness foh Pull-it-tek-all sins. Top ah de list is Elvis Daniel, Bash Thomas and Kenroy Johnson, three former Teachers who had resigned from dey jobs 10 years ago, to run foh elect-shun and lost.

Dey were denied reinstatement despite ah High Court Order dat ruled in dey favour. And foh 10 years, dem fellars were left to “NDP must suffer and die!” Vibrating Scakes was right: “Retribution Coming!”

During de heated Calm Pain Hon Dan Cummings exposed de findings of ah hidden “Poverty Assessment” Doc-yuh-mint foh 2018/2019, that states how Sandy Bay in North Windward, and Layou and Barrouallie in Central Leeward are ranked de 1st, 2nd and 3rd largest or poorest communities in SVG, wid figures as high as 60 percent Poor. So Lie-Za asking ULP to explain de reason foh keeping de two (4 or 5-Star) Generals, who to-get-her would have served 40 years in Par-liar-mint, foh 36 of those years dey were Ministers. Respectively, one Represented North Windward way he met ah thriving Arrowroot Industry, de other from Central Leeward way he inherited ah struggling Black Fish Industry. Nuff was promised, actually too much talk and no act-shun was done for these two Industries and Bananas, dey all dead!


Of course dey’s good reason foh us to say dis young man is ah breath ah fresh air among de members of de new 2020 Cabinet? He is ah product from good Eddy-care-shun stock — both Parents! His Grand-dad, Head Teacher Ballah was like ah legend in de profession. His deceased Mom was ah lovely woman, ah Teacher as well, ah Graduate in Early Childhood Eddy-care-shun.

Remove dis youngster from de equation ah new Cabinet ministers, and de remainder is ah bunch ah Expired Pull-it-tek-all Eunuchs, six-ah-one, half-ah-dozen ah de other. And so it’s an honour to write bout Pit-Bull sorry, Senator Rochard Ballah. He is ah Top DJ, ah Graduate wid Bachelors in Communication Studies and Lecturer at de Community College, where he left ah lasting impression on de students including my two kids. But Senator Ballah’s popularity base developed around his first love, Music. My wish is dat Senator Pit Bull presents to his colleagues, de Lyrics he receives from de Indigent Poor, de Struggling Unemployed Youths,, and those who surviving on Poor Relief. If any ah dem refuse to respond favourable to his Lyrics, ah want him to send dem ah copy of his Face Book Post; or just Drop his Pants and turn his But-thumb give dem and walk. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.