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Ah Two-Thirds Majority

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Lie-Za claims she had a vision dat clearly showed her de results of the upcoming Elect-shun. “It is a two-third majority foh de winner!” she said. “She boasting it is de best

Permutation and Combination ever, one party getting 10 seats de other 5 seats.” So ah asked her how can anyone pick de right 10 seats when right now if yuh check both Parties there are 25 Men and 5 Woe-men, from dat we have 3.5 Doctors, 7 Lawyers, not including de Goat-skin ones; all 30 are re-tyred Teachers; 26 wid at least BSc Degrees wid varying Temperatures, Foreign height and Center-grade! One Agriculturist who measures more lands dan ah Land Surveyor; 1 Engineer and 29 Engine-far who are over-night authorities on any subject. Professional Public Servants side-lined foh de last 20 years, while de sleepiest Senator holding ministerial positions, running de ministries.

When de PM or Minister does not lead in ah Press Con-friends, Social Media cry fowl.

So ah asked her to refresh my sleepy brain about dis “Permutation and Combination” thing she men-shun earlier.

Vaguely ah remember dah crazy topic in Matter-Math-aches (Maths) dat ah did in Grammar School exactly 60 years ago.
What ah remember bout Permutation and Combination was dis trick Question: “In how many ways a committee consisting of 5 men and 3 women, can be chosen from 9 men and 12 women?

The Answer to dat is 27, 720 ways. Ah could just see de “Four-in-ah-Row” ULP 5-Star General rubbing he Belly (Lie-Za say dat’s way some people brain dey), trying to figure out how he could get just one ah dem 27, 770 Permutations and Combinations and run-away wid Five-in-ah-Row in de up-coming Elect-shun.

Anyhow, ley we stick to Lie-Za’s Vision and what’s happening on de ground in SVG. She says there are two parties ULP and NDP (no disrespect to Mr Owe-Neal’s Green Party). There will be 30 candidates fighting to win 15 seats. From these 30 Candidates we have 5 woe-men and 25 men from which we have to pick 15 winners to start. And from these 15 winners, she sees de winner wid ah two-thirds majority or 10 seats. De situation in Par-liar-mint right now is ULP has 8 Seats wid-out ah Woman and de NDP 7 Seats wid-out ah Woe-man also. Dey’s no elected Woe-man in de House and in Lie-Za’s Vision, dat is corrected.

In order to get ah 10 seat majority, neither Party can afford to lose ah Seat; therefore, ULP needs to Win 2 more Seats and NDP, 3 more Seats. De Question is which 2 NDP Seats are up foh grabs and which 3 ULP Seats gone already?
But Lie-Za like she really had ah Vision, is ah good thing she does not eat at nights, so ah can’t accuse her of having night mares from eating too much ah heavy dinner before going to bed. In her 10 Seat majority she say dey’s 1 Doctor, 3 Lawyers; 2 Woe-men; 1 Waterman who will flush out de sh…t; 3 Re-tyred Teachers wid ah Major in E-con-nah-mix. Having said all ah dat she smiled and told me: “Now doh forget dat in de Permutation and Combination trick Question, dey was 27, 770 ways of picking ah 10 seat majority. Ah know she psychic but dis Permutation and Combination turned her Psychiatric. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.