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To read or not to read

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Look how times have changed eh! There was ah time in our history when the whole nation would ah been holding we breath, wondering what would happen if the wife of the then Chief Minister was asked to read. Today is no holding ah breath, more like letting out breath, ah big debate is on, whether or not the Prime Minister wife should ah read his address to an Investment Forum in England. {{more}} Lie-Za done warn me not to join this debate, except to say that, de Come-Red should avoid all ah this basah-basah in future, consider meking his wife Heir-Louise an official in the Guv-ah-mint. That’s easy, just follow the path of Joshua and let Heir-Louise run as the Candidate in his constituency at North Central Windward, he could move down to East Kingstown and challenge the Leader of the Awe-Position. So that next time Heir-Louise has to read and address, she will do so as an official Minister and not just as wife. Yoh never know, as Heir-Louise might be Prime Minister, suppose ULP still win and Arm-In defeat de Come-Red in town.

Lie-Za got ah point, she say ah got more serious thing to talk bout; like wuk on the Cross Country road is about to start and all kind ah stories making the rounds. Basically the stories making the rounds is that the Cross Country Route is indefinite, some important studies are still to be completed, or the reports of these studies have not been made public. The Guv-ah-mint is saying that these are not important at this stage and will be done as the road progresses.

In ah way this project reminds us of Ottley Haul where only Sir James knew what was going on; up to today every one ah his ministers is defending himself at the Enquire-we singing the same tune: “ I was not aware”!

Lie-Za sware we don’t have to worry, money is no problem, de Come-Red Tie-One ah them hand, no local funds spending to build the Cross Country Road. Even though local funds will not be used to build the road, shouldn’t the Guv-ah-mint show more respect to the people’s intelligence by doing things properly, bearing in mind the possible devastation this project can have on our natural resources, erosion, water, wildlife etc?


The last time west Indians or more broadly speaking Caribbean people all over the world celebrated ah cricket victory carnival style, was in 1950 with the three W’s and the spin twins Ram and Val! So Sat-dey’s victory foh Lara and his team, and Caribbean people was special, nostalgic. Ah did done write and predict say that all as long as the Umpires ain’t mek no mistake, we winning. Don’t challenge my predictions when is Tri Tri Season, ah does be right on. Sat-dey morning ah gave up all hopes when the score was 147 foh 8, we batting badly. Ah sit down in ah chair fraid to move, superstition tell me if ah move ah go give them bad luck. And like it wuking as the score gradually building up. When the Umpires offered the batsmen the option to go off due to bad light, and they refused, “ we batting thru” they said. Ah felt that was ah bad move, but Lie-Za called right away and say she love that move. Her explanation was that the light fading, the batsmen skin black, is no way them bowlers go see them in the dark. Well that is how she does reason, this time she like she was right.

All kind ah feelings coming on me, ah thirsty, ah want to get up and stretch, and ah feel like ah wanted 2-P & 2-2 all at the same time! Harmison bowling his last ball and ah feel he getting ah wicket but ah don’t want to see that delivery. So ah gone foh ah drink, as soon as ah open the fridge, ah hear ah shouting from the commentator, then ah say to me-self : “Bradshaw gone”! Same time ah mek ah double back, but this time the cameras focusing on the ball going to the boundary, four runs! Is like the whole neighbour-hood on fire, ah could hear shouting from top to bottom. Ah didn’t even know Sharon get back she TV, until ah heard her loud trumpet voice blasting from across the road.

When the score was ten runs to go, ah close me eye right thru, peeping thru me fingers every time ah hear ah shout. Ah couldn’t hear when the commentators say “the West Indians have won! Sharon alone drown out the Commentators!



The Wake is ah rich African Tradition, all to do with when ah member of the family dies, foh several nights after, there is Praying and Singing in the home of the deceased. Cocoa tea and buns is the traditional food foh the occasion. But our Garifuna Ancestors had ah special Dance called the Punta that was part of the Wake. They brought it here to our shores, and took it to Belize during that horrible X-a-Dus. When the Garifuna brothers and sisters visited us some years ago, they gave us ah demonstration of the Punta Dance. Since then ah number of experts from Belize have visited and ran Work-shops in Punta (Dance and Drumming).

Well last weekend was Punta Dance time at the Dance Festival. And what an evening of Punta-is-him we got from the students of both the Primary and Secondary Schools. Layou looked good. St Mary’s tackled the Dance with speed and got ah Gold medal. But Georgetown Secondary stole the hearts of the audience and the Judges. They stuck to the traditional drumming foh music, and full marks to the drummers, two youngsters from Sandy Bay. There was no individual Punta Queen contest, but Madessah Morris from G’town Sec is my pick. She is strong and commanding on stage ah real African Queen!

But the Dancers who have taken over Kingstown by storm is Stubbs Primary, they winning Gold in every category, ah think they already copped eight Gold medals. Ah see Rosita Alexander-Snagg ah Stubbsonian there taking in her villagers. Her daughters did ah duet and won Silver, obviously the kids didn’t get their rhythm from their parents. This weekend is Night of Finals. Stubbs is my pick. Just imagine Stubbs won all them Gold Medals and Mango not in season. Lie-Za say she see Rosita roaming all over the market looking for Mango foh the kids. Mango or no Mango is Stubbs all de way!

And is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy!