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Team SVG Heat needs magician

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Football Coaches are like ah shilling ah dozen, so it is not hard to find ah replacement if the SVG Football Association decides to sack the Coach in the middle ah the channel. But with matches ‘gainst Mexico and T‘n’T coming up in ah matter ah days now, ah think we go need more than ah Coach, we need ah Coach who is ah Magician. {{more}}Listening to the reasons foh the fall-out given by the Association and also the explanation from Coach Shaw, the Association was right to fire the Coach; but if ah was the Coach ah would ah walk off de Wuk too! The Association can’t come-plain foh results. We got we money’s worth, SVG win one and lose one. Yes we could say we beat Sin Kitts, but those of us who been watching Football in SVG foh years, ain’t need no buy-knock-yoh-loss to see that “Team SVG with all this suppose Heat” is playing way below expectation; and not only that, the chaps playing progressively worse as the games go by. And ah believe that back ah Coach Shaw’s mind is that the worse is yet to come, is only ah matter ah time before somebody jam ah five nil pon we. So he declare he ah-ban-done ship!
But really and truly how is Team SVG? Dr. Eddie Sealey was asked to comment on Team SVG last week. In response he made ah very interesting comment, “The Men Need Proper Care”! And who is Dr. Sealey to mek such ah comment? First to begin with, he was and still is an athlete. Secondly he is ah Chiropractor with over forty years practice in the USA, Bo-bathe-us and SVG. Thirdly he has worked with and treated ah number of top athletes including the late Malcolm Marshall, also WI pacers Vasbert Drakes, Nixon Mc lean and Courtney Walsh all with great success. He told me he has offered his services to the Association free of charge, but nobody tek him on, well not yet, ah suppose when the Games are over.


According to Doc Sealey, Soccer is one ah the ah rougher sport where nuff physical contact and damages does tek place; lick-ah-mint and muscles getting bruised and torn, bones and joints getting lick out ah-line-mint, he spotted a number of our players who appear to be nursing injuries and he’s afraid that “ The lads not getting proper care”, well not enough. He is worried about their diet too, no doubt they getting food to eat, but are they eating properly? Preparing foh World Cup call foh many things including ah Sports Nutritionist to design ah menu that will ensure the athletes remain Energized, Fit and Trim. Lie-Za must dip in she mouth, from the time she hear bout ah Sports Nutritionist on the team, she say if there is any guarantee with getting Fit and Trim, then the F.A. President, Sin-Clear Lay-Cock could invite Arm-In and de Come-Red to join the team, if only foh de meals.
Doc Sealey is willing to help and we should use his expertise. This is no consolation, but he has been my Fizz-Ed Coach (Weight-lifting and Body-building) since 1972 and ah know he is ah Boss, never mind ah never even entered in ah competition, and ah never thought of fire-in him.
Carry-Beyond Polly-Ticks does mek me laugh. The News say that in response to the Grenada situation, Prime Minister Par-Trick Man-in T’n’T and Dr. Ralph Gone-Soft of SVG trying to get both Guv-ah-mint and Owe-position Parties in Grenada to wuk to-get-her in rebuilding ah new Grenada. But hear this, in SVG we will do anything to get Guv-ah-mint and Owe-position to stop Wuk To-gather and start to Wuk Together foh the good ah the country.
Hurry Cane mash down Grenada. Senator Francis the Min. of Wuks and Houses went down to assess the damages, ah few days after de Come-Red chartered ah plane and took ah team, but did the Leader of the Owe-position or any of his people go along? The question is, was he invited? If he was, and nobody foh him didn’t go, that’s Polly-Ticks! And if he was not invited, then that too is dirt-T Polly-ticks!
Next thing an appeal went out from the Guv-ah-mint asking foh supplies foh Grenada, the Owe-position was on Radio encouraging citizens to give support. But as if we couldn’t Wuk-To-get-her on this one, the Owe-position organized ah separate appeal, got its own boat and Arm-In went down to Grenada too. Now as good ah gesture as this is, ah still say: “ Polly-Ticks”.


As usual ah betting on the West Indies on Sat-day. We will be at our best and once that happens, we will beat England, providing of course we get the better of the Umpire-in and they don’t cheat out Lara and Gayle. Ah think our Boys did well this time, win or lose. Imagine that Australia, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South Africa and Pakistan all the big guns out, and West Indies back up there. However don’t get carried away like me, remember what ah done say bout the West Indies already: “ Dey does mek we Glad, dey does mek we Sad, dey does mek we Mad time and time Again, but what-ever dey do, we could never back anybody else, but Them!


Ah just want to congratulate Jomo Thomas on his appointment. Jomo is an example ah de “Lickle Black Boy” that grew up in my village. He should mek an excellent candidate foh the wuk as he would have first hand experience of living in, on and below the Poverty line. As ah youth, he challenged Poverty with Books and won the Battle. He also challenged other things too as ah Youth, ah remember how he and the gang ah boys uses to wait till ah gone sleep and raid me Mango and Golden Apple trees. And yuh know when he visited me ah few weeks ago, he recapped how sweet those trees bore, and then he had the nerve to ask me why ah cut down his Mango and Golden Apple Trees. Ah think ah will start sending Jomo and Doctor De Shong monthly bills for ole debts they made when they were youths. I am proud ah then lads.
Enjoy the Cricket and remember to give again to Grenada! And with that, ah gone again!
One Love Bassy.