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Should I be worried about a lump in my right breast?

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Dear Doc,

I am on the female rugby team and during a medical check for travel to the regional games, a lump was noted in my right breast. I am 20-years-old have to get further investigations. I am worried. Should I be?{{more}}


Dear Sasha,

All lumps must be investigated to be certain of their diagnosis.

Rugby is a contact sport and during a game your breasts can sustain moderate to severe trauma. Unlike men who have significantly smaller breasts, the blows sustained are directly on the muscular chest walls. In the case of a female, the breasts sustain the blows and there can be damage to the fat tissues and blood vessels. When the injuries heal, there can be scar tissues which are the masses that are felt.

We must never forget though, that there are other masses that can develop in the young female breasts that have no relation to trauma. Fibroadenomas are benign/non-cancerous lumps that are common.

Your concerns are noted and I am not trying to convince you that you should not pursue with the investigations, but due to the many possibilities, it is only in investigating you will know for sure.


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