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Canine and feline heart worm disease and us

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Heartworm disease is caused by a blood parasite called Dirofilaria Immitis, which is transmitted by a particular species of mosquito.

The mosquito on the other hand, is a vector of many diseases that may affect our pets and us. It’s of great importance to note the role played by the mosquito in the movement of this fatal disease.{{more}}

The mosquito becomes armed with the blood parasite, Dirofilaria Immitis, after sucking the blood of an infected dog or cat.

I must mention that, to date, there has been no evidence of this disease spreading from an infected animal to an uninfected one by means of physical contact, tick, flea or the exchange of any body discharge.

The mosquito is the vehicle that facilitates the movement of these blood parasites.

The present climatic conditions are favourable for the breeding of mosquito, hence, the spread of the heartworm disease among our dog and cat population is prevalent.

It was previously believed that heartworm disease only affects cats and dogs, however there have been instances of heartworm disease in human. It’s claimed that the larvae of this blood parasite affect the lungs of human.

• Next week’s article will deal with the impact of heartworm disease on our pets.