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Home remedy – Accidential consumpsion of poison by dogs

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An increase in the population of rodents (rats) in our country has lead to the wide spread usage of Rodenticide (rat poison) which in turn facilitates a jump in the number of dogs accidentally poisoned.

When you decide to use rat poison, care must be taken as to where you are going to place it . It should be place in an area that is not accessable by the dog.{{more}}

In my practice I have had many cases of dogs that were poisoned due to the consumption of rat poison.

If at home you suspect that your dog has consumed any rat poison, quickly move the dog to a quite area, open it’s mouth then take two (2) table spoon full of common salt and put it under it’s tongue. Close it’s mouth for about two minutes so that the salt is dissolved and swolled.

Within the next two to three minutes the dog will commence to empty it’s stomach and thus eliminate the poisonous content.

The salt is used so as to stimulate the animal to vomit and so prevent the poisonous content entering the small intestine where observation takes place.

After the dog vomits, quickly take it to your local veterinarian for

further treatment and analysis.

If the above mention actions are taken in cases of accidental consumption of rat poison by dogs, the chances of survival of your lovely dog is high.