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Integral war against canine tick

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The war against the tick that affects our canine friends must be an integral one in which both animal and surroundings are treated.

We must be mindful of the fact that during the life cycle of this external parasite (tick) a period is spent in the surroundings and the rest on the dog.{{more}}

After a dog becomes infested with tick, it must be remembered that the only purpose of the tick being there is to obtain food. The feeding of the tick on the blood of dog brings along with it severe negative effects.

Since it is factual that the tick breeds in the surroundings (grass etc) and then move unto the dog for feeding. Periodic treatment of both dog and its surroundings prevents the tick from multiplying.

In treating the dogs, products such as active 3, cypertick, ectoban “A”, soap, shampoo and tick powder are very effective in killing the tick on the dog.

The surroundings may be sprayed with cypertick, ectoban and malathion.