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How to Deep Condition Your Hair 

How to Deep Condition Your Hair 


When deep conditioning, begin by sectioning off your hair. This makes the task much easier, especially if you have thick hair. 

Then apply a generous amount of product to each section of your hair. Focus mainly on your ends, as they are usually most dry, since the naturally produced oils take more time to work their way down the hair shaft. 

Once the product is applied to all sections, comb or finger comb through your hair to ensure that it is evenly distributed before covering your head with a heat cap. A shower cap or plastic bag also works just fine. 

If you use a heat cap then it’s not necessary to apply any extra heat, but if you decide to use a shower cap or plastic bag, then add low heat by wrapping a warm, damn towel around your head. Whichever way you choose, the heat generated will open the cuticles and all the deep conditioner to penetrate your hair. 
then rinse it out with cold water, which will close the cuticles and trap the moisture. 

Product Recommendation: Aunt Jackie’s Coco Repair Coconut Crème Deep Conditioner.

Tip: Try to deep condition at least once a week for maximum results. Your hair will look and feel healthier and softer.

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