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Reducing Puffy Eyes


If you are a student like me, then during the weeks leading up to exams you will probably experience puffy eyes due to lack of sleep. Of course, puffy eyes are not limited to students only, but to anyone who is sleep deprived, stressed or aging. Until my exams are over and I can get some proper rest, I employ the following methods to help reduce the appearance of my puffy eyes.

Firstly, I’ve added the Clinique All About Eyes Rich eye cream to my night-time skin care routine. After I moisturize my face, I apply a small amount to my index finger and then gently pat it on to my undereye area.

The second method is very simple. All you need is a cotton ball and ice-cold water. Dip the cotton ball in the cold water, then squeeze the liquid out before compressing it against your under eyes for about ten minutes. The coldness helps to reduce the swelling.

This last method is the most temporary one, but the ideal quick fix, especially if you’re heading out. A good concealer and setting powder can perfectly mask puffy eyes if applied correctly. Always remember that concealer should be two shades lighter than your actual complexion. I use the LA Girl Pro Concealer and the Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder. Both products are affordable and work well together.

While these methods help, I experience the best results when I get sufficient rest at night.

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