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A nude bronzed look

A nude  bronzed  look


I just love a nice subtle bronzed look. It gives you that beautiful, fresh, effortless look. Below are easy to follow instruction on how to get this look in no time at all.

1 – Prime you eyes with your eye shadow primer, or whatever concealer you use under your eyes.

2 – Get your lightest beige eye shadow and apply on the brow bone.

3 – Cut your crease with a rust brown shadow.

4 – Cut your inner crease with a dark brown. You will start to see the shadow effect at this point.

5 – With your eyelid being nice and clean, apply your bronzed brown or gold to the centre of your lid.

6 – Line your low lash line with a black liner.

7 – Line you eyelid with a black liner.

8 – Once you’re done with foundation you add a little cheekbone rose gold highlighter and you are set.
Give this look a try and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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