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Are you that annoying co-worker?


Sometimes it’s the simple things that co-workers do that can test your patience. These habits can be so bad that they can change the mood of the co-workers and even slow down work. Other habits are simply inconsiderate. Are you guilty of these annoying habits?{{more}}

1. Eating other people’s food without permission. You probably brought your favorite lunch or the delicious leftovers from dinner only to discover that your lunch was missing when you went to the lunchroom. Eat only what you place in the office refrigerator.

2. Leaving the coffee pot or juice jug empty. If you drank the last cup or there are less than two cups remaining. Take the time to refill the coffee pot or juice jug. Your co-workers will appreciate it.

3. Eating foods with strong odors in the work space. Food odors can be very distracting and long lasting so take your food into the kitchen or out of the building. That smoked herring smell will hang around for days.

4. Chewing gum noise. Avoid chewing gum at work. It is inappropriate, noisy, rude, and ugly to look at.

5. Using the last item in the supply closet. Notify the appropriate person if you used the last item from the supply closet. Reduce stress for the next person caused by the lack of small items like fax toner, ink cartridges, writing pads, and other supplies.

6. Permanent borrowing. You reach for the stapler and it’s not there. Then you remember someone borrowed it but never returned it. Borrowing means you are allowed temporary use of an item. Return an item promptly or obtain your own.

7. Buffet manners. Buffets can be great but not if the person ahead of you is picking and touching the food. If you touch an item, it is yours. Look but do not pick through the items to make a selection.

8. Germ warfare. Some people insist on sharing their cold and flu germs. If you have a cold, wash your hands often and cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze. Clean your hand before you offer it in a handshake.

9. Hand washing in the bathroom. Restaurants, especially post signs in the bathrooms asking employees to wash hands before returning to work. Do you?

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