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BSSS quartet titles again at invitational swimming championships

BSSS quartet titles again at invitational swimming championships
(Right to left)Eltonte Leonard, Eltonique Leonard, Mya De Freitas, Shane Cadogan


Eltonique Leonard, Eltonte Leonard, Mya De Freitas and Shane Cadogan, all members of the Black Sands Swim Squad (BSSS), were again top performers when the SVG Swimming Federation hosted the CGM Gallagher Swim Championships, which took place last weekend at the Shrewsbury Aquatic Centre.

Eltonique held on to the females Under-8 title, similarly, Eltonte retained the males 11-12 , Cadogan, the male 15 and over, while De Freitas, although up an age group, remained as champion.

De Freitas, last year, won the females 11-12, but at this year’s championships, took the 13-14 title.

The Leonards and De Freitas were also crowned sprint champions, at last Sunday’s culmination of the three days of competition.

Eltonique and Eltonte were the female Under-8 and the male 9-12 sprint champions, respectively.

De Freitas copped the females 13 and over sprint and her brother, Aaron, was the male sprint champion.

The other title won by the BSSS, was the females 11-12, which was taken by Jamie Joachim.

Black Sands Swim Squad took the overall title.