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Police officers make ‘last exhale’ in fitness programme

Police officers make ‘last exhale’ in fitness programme


When fitness instructor Lindon James commanded the batch of police officers to give him the “last exhale” at 5:14 p.m. at the Arnos Vale Playing Field last Thursday, it was the culmination of approximately 19 hours of gruelling physical training for selected members of the local constabulary.

The fitness programme, which began November 27, targeted specific officers who were carrying excessive pounds, especially around the waistline.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Trevor Bailey, who was one of those fingered for the programme, expressed his satisfaction with the programme, despite the demands on his body.

“When I first heard of the exercise programme, I said, what are they putting me through…. But I came and even though I was pushing the body, we were having fun…. I benefited from the programme… I shed some pounds,” Bailey told SEARCHLIGHT.

Uncertain of how much weight he lost, Bailey said it was evident, as he “had to punch another hole in the belt, as I found the pants was getting closer to the knees rather than the waist.”

Bailey assured that having had a taste of success, he will continue with his exercise regimen, as he has a point to prove.

He reiterated that the exercise served him well, as he was coming off an injury, and he is now prepared for the upcoming national cricket programme, set to begin early in 2018.  

“I hope that in the organization, that we could find a way of putting some more emphasis on our health … I hope that the new commissioner will see it fit to implement a programme, not just for a few, but throughout the organization, to ensure that members stay healthy.”

Adding his commendation about the exercise programme was Deputy Commissioner of Police Colin John. “I will use whatever influence [that] I have to continue this programme…. We have a lot of police [officers] who have come down with diabetes and hypertension, so we have to encourage them to exercise more, so that we can have a healthier police force.”

John thanked lawyer Grant Connell for again partnering with the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force in the fitness programme.

The Be Fit Movement and the Grassroot Tennis Club were joint organizers of the programme.(RT)