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Three swimmers do double take in Open Water Championships

Three swimmers do double take in Open Water Championships


Cruz Halbich, Mya DeFreitas and Tyrell Ragguette copped two gold medals each when the St Vincent and the Grenadines Swimming Federation staged the Independence Open Water Championships last Friday at Villa Beach.

Halbich was first in the 5,000m, and minutes after, was again in the water to win the 750m race.

He took one hour 20 minutes 56.67 seconds to make seven laps around the course and 11 minutes 44.08 seconds to be first overall in 750m, and emerged champ in the men’s 16 to 17 years age group.

Halbich’s Black Sand Swim Squad teammate Mya DeFreitas was first in the girls’ 10 to 13 years group in the 1,500m and 750m.

Her time in the 1,500m was 23 minutes 44.37 seconds and 12 minutes 57.11 seconds in the 750m.

Meanwhile, Ragguette, of the Rising Stars Swim Team of Bequia, was the overall champion in the 1,500m, clocking 23 minutes 29.18 seconds, to be also first in the men’s 18 to 25 years age group. His 12 minutes 07.73 seconds was the best for his age group in the 750m.

Rising Stars Swim Team was also victorious in the 750m, with Dennis Sutherland, taking the boys 7 to 9 age group, Tavonte Forde, the boys 10 to 13 and Krista Bynoe, the women’s 18 to 25 age group.

The Black Sand Swim Squad won three other age group titles, and the Blue Marlins Swim Club, one.

Black Sand Swim Squad’s Jaime Joachim took the girls 7 to 9 age group, while Tyrese Lewis took the men’s 14 to 15 and Kyle Dougan, the men’s 26 and over.

Blue Marlins Swim Club’s Sarah Smith took the women’s 26 and over.

And, the Black Sand Swim Squad added another four age group wins in the 1,500m, as Kenale Alleyne won the boys’ 10 to 13, while Aaron DeFreitas took the men’s 14 to 15 and Dillon Gooding, the men’s 16 to 17 age group.

The Owia Salt Pond Snappers, represented by Kelly Jacobs, also contested the open water championships. Jacobs was second in the men’s 14 to 15 age group of the 750m event.