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Bailey, Durrant lead Hill Sprint

Bailey, Durrant lead Hill Sprint


Zefal Bailey won the elite class and Peter Durrant – the seniors, in a Hill Sprint road race put on by the SVG Cycling Union last Sunday morning.

The two thus retained their top places from the previous two hill sprints held so far this year.

Bailey clocked 6 minutes 46.84 seconds, to get from the Finishing and Furnishing building on Tyrell Street to Grand Gate, located at Lowmans Hill, a distance of 1.4 miles.

Meanwhile, Durrant, who was the lone entrant in the seniors’ category, did so in 8 minutes 44.24 seconds.

Placing second to Bailey, in 7 minutes 9.58 seconds, was Enroy Lewis, while Samuel Lyttle stopped the clock at 7 minutes 35.40 seconds, to complete the top three finishers in the elite class.

Placing fourth in the elite class and fifth overall was David Thomas, in 11 minutes 5.24 seconds, with Jerel Browne, the other elite cyclist, finishing the course in 12 minutes 41.93 seconds.

The cyclists will be in competitive action next month, but this time at the tarmac at the old ET Joshua Airport.