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Kimorie Shearman wins men’s 400m at NAIA championships

Kimorie Shearman wins men’s 400m at NAIA championships


Vincentian Kimorie Shearman won the men’s 400m at the National Association of Inter-Collegiate Athletics (NAIA) outdoor championships, held at the Mickey Miller Blackwell Stadium in Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA.

Running for Wiley College of Texas, Shearman clocked a personal best of 45.92 seconds, to win the one-lap event.

He had timed 47.10 seconds in the preliminary round of the 400m.

Wiley College placed third in the men’s division of the championships with 57 points and was fifth in the women’s segment, tallying 39 points.

The NAIA crowned off a good season for Shearman, who is in his first year at the college.

Shearman finished first in the 400-metre dash at the East Texas Invitational on April 15 and ran the fastest time then, in the NAIA in the 400-metre dash, in a time of 46.49 seconds.

His 46.49 seconds reclaimed the Wiley school record that he set on March 3, with a time of 47.97, but which was later broken by his teammate on March 17 with a time of 47.44.

Shearman, a member of the IT-DAT Academy, has represented St Vincent and the Grenadines at various, subregional, regional and international meets, with the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, 2014, being his major outing to date.