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National sporting associations confabulate in tripartite meeting

National sporting  associations confabulate in tripartite meeting


Eight national sports associations, last Saturday, came face-to-face with Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture Cecil “Ces” Mc Kie and officials of the National Sports Council, as another tripartite meeting was staged at the Media Centre of the Arnos Vale Playing Field.

The regular exercise fleshed out the issues confronting the associations, as well as related to their plans and progammes.

Among the disciplines represented were the SVG Rugby Union, the SVG Rowing Association, SVG Volleyball Association, SVG Netball Association, SVG Table Tennis Association, the SVG Cycling Union, the SVG Automobile Association and the SVG Cricket Association Inc.

Additionally, representation came from persons associated with the bodybuilding and weightlifting.

Addressing the sport of volleyball, newly installed president of the national association Suzanna-Marie Ollivierre, called on the National Sports Council to expedite the process of providing a venue for beach volleyball.

Additionally, Ollivierre noted that part of her executive’s mandate is to begin the rebuilding of volleyball in the once “strong areas”.

“ We are looking at laying down a similar multi-purpose court, similar to what is at the Girls’ High School. The area is now being prepared… the concrete area and we are looking at having the tiles laid for use within that community,” Ollivierre explained.

Meanwhile, another pitch was made for revival of the Bodybuilding Federation, with Desmond Matthews being the trumpeter, at last Saturday’s meeting.

Dormant for the past six years, the local governing body for the sporting discipline has been in tatters, with elections overdue; however, Matthews promised again to lead the charge in reviving the federation.

On the other side of the room, officials of the National Sports Council assured that they are working behind the scenes in realizing many of its plans and projections.

And, Mc Kie informed that concrete advances are being made to have the Arnos Vale Playing Field lit, now that the ET Joshua Airport has been decommissioned.