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Shernell Browne cops fourth schools’ volleyball MVP award

Shernell Browne cops fourth schools’ volleyball MVP award


Shernell Browne, for the fourth straight year, was declared the Most Valuable Player of the female bracket of the schools’ volleyball finals.

Browne got her most recent award last Friday at the closing ceremony, held at the Girls’ High School court.

And on the four occasions, she helped her institution – the Georgetown Secondary School – to the title.

Browne is no stranger to accolades, having earned several trophies at the Eastern Caribbean Volleyball Association (EVCA) competitions.

A fixture on the St Vincent and the Grenadines Windward Islands Schools Games team, Browne also represented SVG at the ECVA youth and junior, as well as the Under-23 levels.

She missed out on representing St Vincent and the Grenadines at the World Championships in Antigua and Barbuda, because of personal reasons.

But sharing the spotlight with Browne last Friday was fellow Georgetown Secondary School student Jamar Cropper.

He copped the corresponding male component, the MVP of the finals.

Like the females, the males of the Georgetown Secondary School won their division.