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National football awards dished out

National football awards dished out


The clubs, leagues and individuals who excelled in the 2013/2014 national club championships and the 2014 Hairoun Beer Inter community League competition were last Saturday night rewarded with their trophies at a prize-giving and awards ceremony.{{more}}

Jogging off with most of the awards at the ceremony, held at the venue formerly known as the Calabash on Bentinck Square, were representative teams from the Barrouallie community, which won the senior men, senior women and Under-18 male titles in the Inter-community League competition.

Standing in the way of Barrouallie’s clean sweep in that competition was Central Kingstown, who won the Under-13 division.

Barrouallie’s Olalex Anderson was the top goal scorer in both the senior men’s and Under-18 division and was declared the senior men’s most valuable player.

Meanwhile, Aliyah Anderson was the top goal scorer in the women’s division, with Phillon Stephens of Central Kingstown the top scorer in the Under-13 division.

Stephens netted eight times.

The most outstanding players in the women’s division were Sharry Barbour – Barrouallie; Chrislyn Browne – South Leeward; Shannique deShong – East Kingstown; and Jessica Miller – West Kingstown.

In the National Club Championships, the divisional winners were BESCO Pastures – Premier Division; Spring Village United – First Division and System 3 – the Under-15 winner.

Among the personal accolades, Jante James with seven goals, of System 3, was the top goal scorer in the Under-15 division, with Emery Bailey of Largo Heights copping the award in the First Division. Bailey netted 13 goals.

The top goal scorer in the premier division was Campdonia-Chelsea’s Tevin Slater, who registered 11 goals to his credit.

And, pocketing the most valuable player award in the club championships, was Darren Hamlett of BESCO Pastures.

But on the night, whilst winning club teams, leagues and individuals got their trophies, they left without receiving their financial winnings, but were promised that they would to do so by this Thursday.

Officials of the executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation explained that the delay in dishing out the prize monies was as a result of them not having yet collected their cheque books from their new bankers.(RT)