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Vincies in New York holds Sports Awards


The talent and efforts of various Vincentian New York based sports personalities will this Saturday, October 24, be acknowledged in a Independence Show and Awards Ceremony scheduled for Café Omar in Brooklyn, NY.{{more}}

A Junior ‘Soca’ Jones Production, the sport event is in its fifth year, while the show which is in its 17th, will this year look at the outstanding Netballers, Footballers and Cricketers from different teams.

From the teams that participated in the just concluded Caribbean and American Netball tournament, there were three players from four teams.

United, a team headed by former national player Gloria Lewis, has Rose-Claire Laidlow, Ansonia and Lafayetta Browne as nominees.

Islanders, a team headed by another former national player Karen Marks, has Patrice Baker, Wendy Knights and Allison Seales as the names up to grab the Most Valuable Player Award.

Judy-Ann Jackson, Ingrid Holder and Jacintha Adams are the persons from Antillians who are listed as nominees.

Team SVG has Jacintha Adams, Saran Christopher and Cheryl Audain as the names.

In the Cricket category, from the four teams, Cameron Cuffy, Albert Tesheria, and Orlando Mofford were nominated from Cavaliers. From Middlesex, the nominees are Casper Davis, Mark and Dominic Audain. Stars United has nominated Bruno Henry, Frank Jackson and Nicholas Peters. Clarence Wyllie, Colville Browne and Andy Douglas are Imperial, the regular season winners, nominees.

Football has eight teams sending nominees. Garfield Cupid, Marcus Daren Dopwell are from Superstars.

Delroy Samuel, Orande Christopher, Ricardo Clarke are from Chatex. Gregg John, Grayson Alexander and Marcus Williams are from Rangers. Future Stars has Greyson Alexander, Rayvon Jack and Seinard Bowens as their names. For Antillians, Renson Haynes, Anselmo Cox and Million Prescott as the persons eligible to win the MVP award. Kendal Llewellyn, Elton Providence and Omar Billingy are Stingers persons.

Baga United named Osborne Hannaway, Darren Williams and Seinard Bowens.

 Teams SVG nominees are Seinard Bowens, Million Prescott and Marcus Williams.

Added to the Sports Award this year is a special feature, the recognition of the Earl ‘Ole George’ Daniel for his accomplishments over the years, especially his recent eight days walk around Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York.

Organiser Junior “Soca” Jones, in speaking of the event, stressed that “it was not any easy feat that was done by Butcher and Ole George and they need to be recognised for that.”

“It’s a great accomplishment over these years and especially with the NY walk which has given SVG a lot of publicity,” Jones pointed out.

Of the Sports award itself, Jones said there is always the need to “recognize the work and talent of the various Vincy sports personnel, as well as bringing them together during our independence celebration in a unified manner at a function.”

Added to the Awards, the show will feature some of SVG’s top entertainers, such as Bomani, Poorsah, Fryktion, Fafa, Stryker, Browser, and out of Grenada, Inspector.(RT)