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IDAC host Harley Cambridge navigational rally


The Import Dreams Auto Club (IDAC) has successfully staged an exciting and memorable event called the IDAC Harley Cambridge Navigational Rally, held on Sunday 22 May.

Harley Cambridge, for whom the event is named, died in a motorcycle crash on 30 April, just one day before the event was to have originally taken place. The drawing of the map was Cambridge’s brainchild. The rally honours his valuable contributions to the club. {{more}}

A total of ten teams, each with one driver and one navigator, registered for the event. They departed from Heritage Square on a journey where a series of arrows were their only guide. As anticipated, getting lost was very common among the participants, who drove through Kingstown, New Montrose, Green Hill, Sharpes, Fountain and Choppins, among other places. This however did not prevent most of them from completing the task they set out to do.

The SVG Motorcycle Club were on hand to act as marshals, placed at strategic checkpoints to ensure the drivers were on the correct route.

At the end of the day, when all drivers returned and appropriate calculations were done, Dell and Suzanna Ollivierre placed 3rd, Ifoma Seargant and Roxanne DeFreitas, 2 rd, while Raffie Huggins and Lennox Carr were the champions of the day.

The top three pairs were awarded trophies compliments Multigraphic Services.

The IDAC Harley Cambridge Navigational Rally will be an annual event.

The next planned event for IDAC will be their annual motor show Auto Explosion, to be held on Sunday, July 10.