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Venita Simon – 38 years with Sunset Shores

Venita Simon – 38 years with Sunset Shores


Hard work and commitment are the main things that have allowed Venita Simon to remain employed at Sunset Shores for almost 40 years.

“I came as a part-time worker to assist, because someone was on sick leave and I worked so well, they kept me on,” Simon told SEARCHLIGHT.

The dedicated worker said that as the business celebrates its 45th anniversary, she is glad to be part of the staff.

“I feel good about being here. I enjoy my job a lot,” said Simon, who observed that to work in a place for so long, one must be able to work with people.

She noted that since she began working at Sunset Shores, a lot of changes have been made and they have worked to improve the hotel.

“The bar changed; they developed the downstairs, poolside and rooms. When I came there were 21 rooms and now it’s 32. It’s more work at times, but I enjoy doing it; it’s not hard every day,” said Simon.

She added that throughout the years, she has seen a few famous persons stay at the hotel, but standing out in her mind is the Jamaican artiste Lloyd Lovindeer (made popular by songs like “Wild Gilbert” and “Babylon Boops”) and his group.

“They stood out because they use to move real nice with us,” said Simon, who thinks Sunset Shores is one of the best establishments around.