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Evadney Dick – 45 years with Sunset Shores

Evadney Dick – 45 years with Sunset Shores


Evadney Dick has been with Sunset Shores for 45 years and the housekeeper is still going strong.

The hotel opened its doors for business in February 1973 and two months later, on April 6, 1973, Dick joined the staff as a housekeeper.

The Arnos Vale resident said although there have been rough times, she needed a job, so she stuck with it and is happy with her decision.

Dick said when she was employed, there were only a few rooms and 14 employees, but now, the property has grown, just as she has grown as a person.

“My first day on the job, at around 3 o’ clock, I put on my clothes to go home and the lady (manager) said, ‘You start on the wrong foot,’ so then I came back the next day and work and stayed and settled myself and here I am today. It is not an easy road, but it is good when you can work with people with their differences. You have to know how to cope with them,” said Dick, who noted that Christ has played a part in her success on the job.

Dick, who worships at the Streams of Power Church at Sion Hill, said that being in housekeeping for such a long time “settles you” and teaches you a lot.

“I could retire, but I am glad that they kept me on,” said Dick. giving advice to young persons, she noted: “Listen to advice and be disciplined. Some people don’t take advice, but advice is scarce.”

To Sunset Shores, she said, “I thank them very much for sticking with me”.