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A business is a system of systems


IS YOUR business hemorrhaging because of systems failure? A business is a system of systems.

Each business system is designed to connect all of the intricate parts of the organization together for the achievement of a common goal. When one of these systems fail to function as designed, it affects other interrelated systems.

Unless the breakdown is attended to quickly, the entire business can fail.

In an article by Francis Sabutey “So What Exactly is the Difference Between Sales and Marketing?”

Sabutey said “A business failure is not an accident. A business failure is a result.

It is the result of the failure of multiple business systems due to improper management. And one of the areas which cause many businesses to dry up and fold up easily is sales and marketing.”

Does your company understand

the differences between sales and marketing and whether it works best for you intertwined or as two separate systems? Don Sexton, Author of Marketing 101 said, “Marketing is about understanding what people want, then trying to give it to them at a price that they are willing to pay and a price that will provide you with an acceptable profit.

It is also about advertising and pricing and promotion and distribution…”

On the other hand, Sales is the interaction that takes place between the buyer and seller that results in the exchange of a product/ service for money. Sabutey describes the difference between the two as:

1. Marketing focuses on products design to meet the target customer, while sales influences the target customer to buy the products.

2. Marketing prepares the territory for capture, while sales seize the territory.

3. Marketing generates leads, while sales convert the leads into clients.

4. Marketing promotes through a system, while sales promotes through individuals.

5. Marketing leads to brand establishment, while sales lead to business establishment.

Not all marketing experts are comfortable selling and there are sales people who know nothing about marketing. Understanding the difference in the sales and marketing systems and using that knowledge to your advantage may be just what your business needs to thrive.

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