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Personality clashes and workplace conflict


Did you know that personality clashes are the third most common cause of workplace conflict, according to an XpertHR survey? XpertHR senior employment law editor Stephen Simpson shared that the leading case on dismissals for personality clashes involved an executive whose case was brought before the UK Court of Appeal. Senior colleagues raised concerns about his abrasive manner and management style. His competence was not in question.

The Court of Appeal supported the employment tribunal decision that, although the dismissal was procedurally unfair, the executive’s behaviour justified his dismissal.

Understanding personality types in the workplace cannot be overemphasized. Today, we look at two more of Lauren Copeland suggestions on how to use personality type to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization:

Using type in Sales:

Sales teams are the linchpin of any organization. Without an effective sales team an organization will be unable to remain competitive in an ever changing marketplace.
Understanding type allows you to influence others more effectively. Once you understand type, and how different types make decisions, you can develop a more persuasive communication style that takes into account the information that is required by others.

Likewise, understanding type can allow you to adjust your style to be able to engage more effectively with those who are different to you. This helps with rapport building and increase the chances of clinching the sale.

Using type in retention:
Understanding type can help with the retention of key staff, as it allows you to understand individual differences. Different employees are motivated by different things.

If you can understand these differences by understanding different types, you can improve the fit between the individual and the organization, and therefore increase the likelihood that the individual will remain with the organization.

It is important that managers take the time to understand themselves and their employees in order to improve self-awareness and in turn organizational effectiveness. 

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