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What used to be a sin and a shame is now a normal way of life

What used to be a sin and a shame is now a normal way of life


Recently the courts in Bahamas ruled in favour of same sex marriage. They claim that it was unconstitutional to deny them their right to be married. I do realize that we are living in modern times and so standards and morals have changed. What was a sin and a shame then is now a norm and a way of life.

With all that being said, we know that the Lord and His word never changes. Even if we don’t believe the Bible, it doesn’t change what God says, thinks and does. It shows today that our society has very little respect for God’s word and his principles. Homosexuality should never be accepted. There is no excuse for such a lifestyle and practice.

We all are aware that God classes it as an abomination and so should not be likened on the same level to any other sin. This is indeed one against the very nature of God and should be allowed nor entertain.

The church and society must take a stand against such a practice, yet love the gays. For God is love and love is of God. However, inspite of God’s love, He judges man for their wrong doings. Thus, we must be aware of how God looks at this evil and sickening practice.

I trust that this country would not come to the point where GAYS are allowed to be married here and that laws are passed to make it legal for two persons of the same sex to get married. Let’s hope that we would not have to see this taking place in our blessed land for then it would cause many of us to rise up in demonstration and the government of that day will pay a heavy price.

I guess for some it doesn’t matter what God thinks? But what matters is their own will under the guise of freedom of choice. I will hasten to add that let God be true and everyone a liar. Let his word take precedence in our lives and let us not cover up this practice with religion. Let us fear God and honour him.

Kennard King