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Sports can minimize crime in SVG

Sports can minimize crime in SVG


EDITOR, Accordingly SVG has had one homicide in the first quarter of the year. This is indeed welcome news and relief. Nevertheless, we must not rest on our laurels and take things for granted.

Fighting crimes is everyone’s business and not just those in authority. I would publicly express my heartfelt congratulations to Mr Sutherland and the organizer of the many sporting activities in Central Kingstown. Sports are indeed a mighty weapon in its fight against crimes. It is more powerful than Pan against crime and culture itself.

The power of such activity and its positive effect can never be overstated. We all as Vincentians have our part to play in the fight against crimes. Pulling down and criticizing without doing something to minimize it is of no help. We know that we specialize in being negative rather than encouraging.

It is time that as a people we join hands together in the fight against crimes. Let us continue to pray for each other. Let us love each other and forgive. Let us as a nation work together by various means to help in the minimizing of crime. One such activity is sports.

Therefore it is of importance that we in our own communities seek to organized sports. This we know can certainly minimize the crime situation. Let us begin today with a love for God and each other. Let us seek God’s face for our nation and let us live for God and follow his step.

Let us continue to pray for this nation. Let us not allow party politics to crowd our vision and mind, but instead let us see each other as our brother or sister. More importantly let each ask themselves the question as to what can I do to aid in the reduction of crime. For we can become a victim of crime.

Kennard King