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And The People wondered!

And The People wondered!


Editor: The people in a little village somewhere learned how to select persons who said that they will like to do things on their behalf, and for which the people rewarded them. To make it fair, the people agreed to use some marked cards. Whoever, got the most cards marked with his name will serve the people.

Jerry, Tom and Verden decided to have a go at this thing. At a particular day the people marked the cards with the names of Jerry, Tom or Verden. Some people who were asked to count the cards said that Jerry got the most cards marked by the people with his name on them. Therefore, Jerry was the peoples’ choice. Tom and Verden did not think so, based on what they heard some of the people were saying. Tom said, “let us see the cards to verify if what you are saying is true”. The counters refused, and the people wondered!

Tom appealed to a council of wise and fair-minded people in the village; people who could read between the lines. But the council did not agree for the cards to be exposed for other people to see if in deed, Jerry did get the most cards marked with his name. And the people wondered!

Could it be that we have become so blinded by our own brilliance and deafened by our own rhetoric that we no longer see or hear the reasonableness or fairness of a thing! Some people are still wondering!

Philmore Isaacs